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How Long Do Contacts Last?

Apr 19,2022 | Lensweets

How long do contacts last? The contact lenses lifespan does not only depend on whether the lens surface is intact, but depends on the validity period and replacement cycle. There are various replacement cycles for disposable lenses, such as daily, monthly, and yearly. Looking at these disposable lenses, how should you choose? What is the best replacement cycle for you? Read this article and you will get the answer.

Various Replacement Cycles for Disposable Lenses

Generally speaking, hydrogel lenses have more replacement cycles: daily, semi-monthly, monthly, semi-yearly, and yearly. Silicone hydrogel lenses have only daily, semi-monthly, and monthly silicone hydrogel lenses on the market because they are more likely to deposit proteins due to their high oxygen permeability. So currently, if there is a silicone hydrogel product on the market that advertises itself as a yearly contact lens, be vigilant and don't buy it!

Features of Daily Contact Lenses:

Daily disposable contact lenses are very convenient. They can be discarded after everyday use, they are clean and hygienic in a short time, and they can minimize the pollution caused by the lenses to the eyes.


However, the water content of daily contact lenses is relatively high, which is not suitable for people with dry eyes. And the lens is softer and thinner, not easy to form, and easy to break. It is a bit difficult for first-time wearers to wear them. Of course, since it has to be replaced every day, the overall cost is considerably high. So pay attention to the cost-effectiveness If you decide to buy daily contact lenses. 


The daily contacts are disposable, so there is no need for a care solution. Daily contacts have enough water, you don't need to soak it in the care solution before use.

Features of Monthly Contact Lenses:

Compared with daily disposal lenses, the most prominent feature of monthly contact lenses is that they are more affordable and valuable. The monthly cycle is not too long. It is very suitable for some office workers, and the healthy cycle and reasonable price are ideal for some people who use it frequently.


It is easier and more comfortable to wear with its good lens shaping and better durability than daily contacts and yearly contacts. Especially for first-time wearers, significantly reducing the unnecessary wearing problem. And monthly contact lenses always have lower water content than daily contacts. It's conducive to reducing the pain of dry eyes. They are good for eye health.


Compared with the yearly disposable lenses that require more time and energy to care for, monthly disposable lenses are much cleaner and more cost-effective.


Before using monthly disposable lenses, you need to soak them in the care solution for three hours to clean and sterilize the lenses, which can lubricate the lenses for easy wearing.

Features of the Yearly Contact Lenses:

The actual disposal time of the yearly contact lenses is generally 8 to 10 months, so it takes more effort to clean. Due to the long-wearing time, there is a lot of sediment on the lens. It is easy to breed bacteria if it is not cleaned enough, causing eye infections and diseases, especially keratitis, which affects the wearing comfort.


Therefore, if you want to use the yearly contact lenses, you must choose a good care solution and perform adequate care of the lenses every day. In the process of cleaning contact lenses, if there are any scratches or damages on the surface of the lenses, you cannot continue to wear them, and they need to be replaced immediately.


Yearly disposable contact lenses are easy to wear due to their excellent shaping. Good for beginners. And much more cost-effective than daily contact lenses.

What is the Best Replacement Cycle for You?

In general, from the perspective of health, daily contact lenses are more hygienic than yearly contact lenses. However, monthly contact lenses are more cost-effective and affordable than daily contacts. And the degree of cleanliness is not worse than that of daily disposable lenses. Monthly disposable lenses are also easier to clean and better for eye health than yearly disposable lenses.


If you occasionally wear contact lenses, you can choose daily contacts that are more convenient and suitable for people with sensitive eyes and do not need regular care and cleaning.


If you wear contact lenses often and want to keep your eyes clean, it is recommended to choose monthly disposable contact lenses. As it is more affordable and not easy to deposit bacteria and dust like yearly disposable lenses. The price is also more reassuring than daily disposable lenses. And the comfort of the monthly contact lens is better due to its soft lens shaping, and it will be more comfortable to wear.


The yearly disposable color contact lenses are long-term economical lenses. Compared with the monthly cost of using daily disposable lenses, the price of disposable yearly lenses is much lower, but at the same time, it takes more time to care.


Each replacement cycle of colored contact lenses has its own features, you can choose according to your wearing time when purchasing.