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Did you choose the right water content of colored contact lenses?

May 23,2022 | Lensweets

Nowadays, everyone can change the color of their eyes easily by wearing colored contact lenses, whether it’s for fun or function. However, there is one thing need to be noted that water content is one of the most important parameters when you purchase high-quality colored contact lenses. If you look at the label on a box of contact lenses, one of the many different aspects you might see is water content, abbreviated as WC. You probably won’t pay much attention to it, but water content actually plays a large role in how colored contact lenses feel and fit in your eyes. Therefore, it’s important to take it into account when purchasing any type of contacts.

What does the water content of colored contact lenses mean?

In order to make colored contact lenses soft and comfortable, they are made from a hydrophilic material called hydrogel that absorbs moisture from its environment. The water content seen on packaging, measured as a percentage, refers to how much of the lenses’ weight is made up of water at maximum absorbance. In general, higher water content means more moist colored contact lenses. However, many people mistakenly believe that the higher the water content, the better, but this is not the case. The higher the water content, the more moisture the lenses need. When the lenses are worn for a long time, the water in the lenses will be lost due to evaporation. Due to the lenses themselves do not produce water, it is the hydrogel that absorbs the water in the eyes to keep the original water content. Therefore, colored contact lenses with higher water content require more water to maintain softness and hydration.

Classification of water content

Water content ranges from 38% to 75% and is generally divided into three categories: low water content (less than 40 per cent water), medium water content (50 to 60 per cent water), and high water content(more than 60 per cent water). Generally speaking, the water content is proportional to the oxygen permeability and the softness of the lenses. The higher the water content, the higher the oxygen permeability and the softer the lenses. Therefore, different people will be more suited for different categories based on their eyes’ natural.

  • High Water Content (>60%)

Lenses with high water content are very soft and have high oxygen exchange rate. However, due to the lenses with high water content needing to absorb more moisture to maintain stability, they are generally thicker and more noticeable to the wearer. At the same time, they are so soft that they are prone to tearing if not handled carefully. Based on those problems, lenses with too high water content have a short service life and are prone to protein deposition, resulting in unclean lenses and low oxygen permeability. When you wear these lenses for a long time, the water content of lenses is lower than the original, and then the lenses will draw water away from your eyes, which can lead to the condition known as contact lens-induced dry eye (CLIDE). Therefore, dry eye sufferers should look for contacts made with about 40% or less water to prevent this moisture-wicking effect.

  • Medium Water Content (50–60%)

Colored contact lenses with medium water content can be considered the “happy medium” between the two extremes of water content, as they provide the benefits of oxygen permeability without absorbing too much of the cornea’s natural moisture content. Ultimately, they are a good choice that can work for many people.

  • Low Water Content (<40%)

Colored contact lenses with low water content are the thinnest option, especially with 38% water content. They are the most comfortable and the least noticeable in the eye for most people. Those with naturally dry eyes, in particular, can benefit from the fact that these lenses will not wick vital moisture from the eyes and leave it dry. In the cases of dry eyes, the low water content lenses hold their shape better in dry environments and fit better, and they are also less dependent on absorbing your tears to maintain their shape.

Lensweets colored contact lenses

Most of our lenses here in Lensweets are available at 38% water content because they stand the best chance of feeling comfortable in your eyes without drying them out. This makes our colored contacts very accessible to our customers, and they can be confident knowing that their stylish colored contact lenses will be safe and easy to wear.


If you are looking for fashionable and safe colored contact lenses with a comfortable wearing experience, welcome to begin your beautiful journey with Lensweets.